00. How to Tell if Your Piano is Out of Tune

Ivory Keyset Restoration Promo - my copy

22. Bass String Replacement 

13. CA Treatment of a Loose Pinblock - my copy

14. CA Treatment of a Loose Pinblock heads-up - my copy

Repinning an Upright - Schaff

Brass Rail Repairs - Schaff

37. Repinning and Restringing

34. Duplicating and Replacing the Grand Pinblock

Heads-Up 01. Repinning and Restringing

Heads-Up 02. Keytop Replacement

Heads-Up 03. Rebushing Keys

Heads-Up 04. Refelting the Keybed

Heads-Up 05. Upright Hammer Replacement

Heads-Up 06. Bridle Strap Replacement

Heads-Up 07. Vertical Piano Regulation

Heads-Up 08. Replacing Upright Casters

Heads-Up 09. Upright Case Refinishing

Heads-Up 31. Epoxy Bridge Repair

Schller Upright Photo Journal - part 1

Grand Soundboard Cleaning

Bolting the Upright Back Together   

Replacing Plastic Elbows  

Do Not Drop!  

Polishing Imitation Ivory Blank Version 

Repairing the Separated Back Promo

Repairing the Separated Back Heads-Up

Hammer Replacement Schaff

Repinning and Restringing Schaff part 2

Ivory Keytop Restoration - blank version

Ivory Keytop Restoration - lo-res version

Vertical Piano Regulation

Grand Piano Regulation

Vintage Upright Maintenance

11. Keytop Replacement

42. Leveling Keys Heads-Up

Keytop Replacement Schaff

Hammer Butt Restoration PDF

01b. Bridle Strap Heads-Up BPS

02b. Hammer Filing Heads-Up BPS

03. Ivory Keyset Restoration BPS

04. Plastic Elbow Replacement Heads-Up BPS

05. Vertical Regulation Heads-Up BPS

06. Keytop Replacement Heads-Up BPS

07. C.A. Treatment Heads-Up BPS

08. Worn Asian Butts Heads-Up BPS

09. Refelting the Keybed Heads-Up BPS

10. Rebushing Keys Heads-Up BPS

11. Cleaning Under the Keys Heads-Up BPS

12. Replacing Bass Strings Heads-Up BPS

13. Polishing Imitation Ivory Keytops Heads-Up BPS

14. Keypin Replacement Heads-Up BPS

15. Tying Broken Strings Heads-Up BPS

16. Grand Regulation Heads-Up BPS

17. Polishing Capstans Heads-Up BPS

18. Grand Damper Replacement Heads-Up BPS

19. Replacing Upright Casters Heads-Up BPS

20. Replacing the Grand Pinblock Heads-Up BPS

21. Gluing Loose Ribs Heads-Up BPS

22. Repinning and Restringing Heads-Up BPS

23. Replacing Tuning Pin Bushing Heads-Up BPS

24. Brass Rail Repairs Heads-Up BPS

25. Leveling Keys Heads-Up BPS

26. Worn Sharp Keys Heads-Up BPS

27. Universal Bass Strings Heads-Up BPS

28. Upright Damper Replacement Heads-Up BPS

29. Damper Spring Replacement Heads-Up BPS

30. Hammer Butt Springs Replacement Heads-Up BPS

31. Epoxy Bridge Repair Heads-Up BPS

32. Upright Piano Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

33. Loose Jack Flange Heads-Up BPS

34. Grand Piano Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

35. Splicing Grand Shanks Heads-Up BPS

36. Spinet Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

37. Eliminating Lost Motion in a Spinet Heads-Up BPS

38. Upright Hammer Replacement Heads-Up BPS

39. Hammer Rail Overhaul Heads-Up BPS

40. Grand Hammer Replacement Heads-Up BPS

41. Cleaning the Grand Soundboard Heads-Up BPS

42. Church Piano Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

43b. Dollies and Trucks Heads-Up BPS

44b. Repairing the Separated Back Heads-Up BPS

45b. Padded Covers Heads-Up BPS

46b. Studio Piano Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

47b. Polishing Ivory Keys Heads-Up BPS

48a. Console Piano Maintenance Promo BPS

48b. Console Piano Maintenance Heads-Up BPS

49b. Replacing Abstract Felt Heads-Up BPS

50b. Refinishing the Case Heads-Up BPS

How to Tell if Your Piano is Out of Tune BPS

03. Hammer Head Filing

61. Upright Hammer Replacement

64. Grand Hammer Replacement

Weber grand Deep Cleaning Project

Shop Photography - part 5

Shop Photography - part 6

Keytop Recovering - Schaff

Concerning the Nature of Ebony

Restoration Project - Dec. 8

58. Spinet Maintenance Promo

C.A. Treatment

C.A. Treatment Promo

Upright Regulation

Grand Regulation

1. Bridle Strap master copy

1a. Bridle Strap Translation Blank

Bridle Strap Spanish

01. Bridle Strap - English

01. Bridle Strap - German

01. Bridle Strap - Greek

01. Bridle Strap - Serbian

01. Bridle Strap - Spanish

Piano Trolley blow-up

Regluing Jack Flanges

Splicing Broken Shanks

Repairing the Separated Back Promo

Installing Tuning Pin Bushings - Schaff

Brass Rail Production

Loose Pin Treatment Promo - my copy

Loose Pin Treatment Heads-up - my copy

Tuning Pin Crank

Piano Parts Trolley - plans

Refelting a Keybed - Schaff

Lara Croft Tune Raider

Outdoor Piano 1

Invisible Keytop Restoration - Schaff

Reglue ribs

Shim soundboard

Refinish soundboard

Pinblock panels

New pins and strings with new pinblock

Bench plans

Weber Cleaning Project

Keytop Replacement PTJ article

Keytop Replacement PDF

Hammer Butt Restoration - Schaff
IPRW - Keytop 1

IPRW - Keytop 2

iPRW - Keytop 3

Schaff Keytop Article

Upright Hammer Full-Length blank
Upright Hammer Full-Length sample