Available Topics for PROMO sets:

1.   Bridle Strap Replacement (Preview

2.   Hammer Head Filing (Preview

3.   Ivory Keyset Restoration (Preview) 

4.   Plastic Elbow Replacement (Preview) 

5.   Vertical Piano Regulation (Preview) 

6.   Keytop Replacement (Preview) 

7.   C.A. Treatment of a Loose Pinblock (Preview) 

8.   Replacement of Worn Asian-Design Hammer Butts and Flanges (Preview) 

9.   Refelting the Keybed (Preview) 

10.  Rebushing Keys (Preview) 

12.  Bass String Removal, Duplication and Replacement (Preview) 

14.  Keypin Replacement (Preview) 

16.  Regulating the Home-Sized Grand Piano (Preview)

18.  Grand Damper Replacement (Preview) 

20.  Duplicating and Replacing the Grand Pinblock (Preview) 

22.  Repinning and Restringing (Preview) 

24.  Brass Rail Repair (Preview) 

26.  Worn Sharp Keys - Rejuvenation / Replacement (Preview) 

28.  Damper Replacement for the Upright Piano (Preview) 

30.  Replacing Upright Hammer Butt Springs (Preview) 

32.  Routine Maintenance for Your Vintage Upright Piano (Preview) 

34.  Routine Maintenance for Your Baby Grand Piano (Preview) 

36.  Routine Maintenance for your Spinet Piano (Preview)

38.  Upright Hammer Replacement (Preview)

40.  Grand Piano Hammer Replacement (Preview)

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