Piano Promos are short informative articles intended to be given to the customer to explain a particular problem that a piano has and what would need to be done to fix it. There are numerous common problems that are dealt with in the promos I've put together. In all of them, I've attempted to write up the problem and solution in a straight-forward, non-technical manner that saves the technician time in constantly explaining the same situation over and over again to different customers. 

The following promos are printable and are complimentary to anyone who would like to use them. If a customized set is desired, contact me and I'll be glad to set you up with your own personalized copies - your name and contact information pre-printed on every promo. For $199, you get 99 personalized PDF's that you may either print hard copies of or send to customers. If you have a request for a repair topic that hasn't been written up, let me know and if it's a job I tackle myself, I'll be glad to shoot some photos and add the promo to the library.

Focus On: Upright Hammer Replacement explains the natural wear and tear that happens over the course of playing a piano for a number of decades. The article describes the process of producing a set of new hammers that will duplicate the fit and quality of the original factory hammers.