Library of Promo Topics:

1.     Bridle Strap Replacement 

2.     Hammer Head Filing 

3.     Ivory Keyset Restoration 

4.     Plastic Elbow Replacement

5.     Vertical Piano Regulation

6.     Keytop Replacement

7.     C.A. Treatment of a Loose Pinblock

8.     Replacement of Worn Asian-Design Hammer Butts and Flanges

9.     Refelting the Keybed

10.    Rebushing Keys

11.    Cleaning Under the Keys**

12.     Bass String Removal, Duplication and Replacement

13.     Polishing Imitation Ivory Keytops**

14.     Keypin Replacement

15.     Tying Broken Strings**

16.     Regulating the Baby Grand Piano

17.     Polishing Capstans**

18.     Grand Damper Replacement

19.     Replacing Upright Casters**

20.     Duplicating and Replacing the Grand Pinblock

21.     Gluing Loose Ribs Using Soundboard Toggles**

22.     Repinning and Restringing

23.     Replacing Tuning Pin Bushings**

24.     Brass Rail Repair

25.     Leveling Keys**

26.     Worn Sharp Keys - Rejuvenation / Replacement

27.     Installation of Universal Bass Strings**

28.     Damper Replacement for the Upright Piano

29.     Replacement of Upright Piano Damper Springs**

30.    Replacing Upright Hammer Butt Springs

31.     On-Site Epoxy Repair of the Upright Bass Bridge**

32.     Routine Maintenance for Your Vintage Upright Piano

33.     Regluing Loose Jack Flanges**

34.    Routine Maintenance for Your Baby Grand Piano

35.    Splicing Broken Grand Hammer Shanks**

36.    Routine Maintenance for your Spinet Piano

37.    Eliminating Lost Motion in a Spinet Piano Action**

38.   Upright Hammer Replacement

39.   Overhauling the Upright Hammer Rail **

40.   Grand Hammer Replacement

41.    Cleaning the Grand Piano Soundboard**

42.    Church Piano Maintenance

43.    Add-On Dollies and Trucks**

44.    Repairing a Separated Back on the Vertical Piano

45.    Protecting Your Piano With a Specially Designed Cover**

46.    Routine Maintenance for Your Studio Piano

47.    Polishing Ivory Keytops**

48.   Routine Maintenance for Your Console Piano

49.   Replacing Abstract Felt in the Console Piano**

**  Extra (x) topics available in “heads-up” version only.

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