August is here, Piano Techs! 

Looking forward to a busy autumn season? Piano Promos by Chuck Behm may be just the tool you need to bring some extra shop work your business!

Putting Piano Promos to work for you will:
1. Help you to secure contracts on more of the jobs that you propose!
2. Lead to greater customer satisfaction!
3. Enhance your bottom line, putting your business on a more solid footing!

Q: What are Piano Promos, and how do I get them?

A: Piano Promos are clearly worded, richly photographed articles pinpointing exact repair jobs which your customer's pianos commonly need to have done. 49 topics are currently available, with new topics being added upon request. 

All 49 topics are available in a one-page, heads-up version (see example). Also, 29 of the most detailed topics are available in full-length versions averaging 6 pages in length (see example). Both the long and the short versions (click here for clarification) of Piano Promos are available for purchase at the On-Line Store

Q: What do I get for my money?

A: Each promo purchased comes to you in secured PDF form, imprinted with your personalized contact information. You are the licensed owner of your personalized copy, and may use it in perpetuity for high resolution printing, for emailing to your customers, or for putting on your website. 

Q: What will promos do for me, that I can't already do on my own?

A: Save you time, for one thing. Instead of going through the same spiel over and over, you can email the appropriate repair promos to your customer prior to your appointment, and lay the groundwork for a repair proposal. Or, have set of printed short version promos ready to hand out as needed. Plus, promos work great in situations where a second-hand sales talk (the wife explaining the proposal to the husband, for example) is involved, or where committees (such as for a school or church) are making budgetary decisions. Piano Promos have a proven track record, and are wholeheartedly endorsed by many technicians currently using them.

Q: Once I've placed my order for currently available promos, how do I purchase future promo releases?

A. You may check the On-Line Store whenever you wish to pick and choose from new offerings.

Thanks so much for considering Piano Promos as an investment for your business. 

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