Q: I consider myself to be a really good salesman who has no trouble making my client's understand the importance of the repair jobs I recommend. Of what use could piano promos be to me?

A: Excellent question. Some technicians are blessed with the ability to explain repairs thoroughly and convincingly. Even the best salesperson, however, can't give a convincing sales talk when he's not in the room! Oftentimes, a decision to invest in a piano is not made by just one person. A common scenario (at least for me) is that the repair proposal is explained to the person who happens to be home at the time of a scheduled tuning, frequently the wife. Later in the evening the wife explains what's been recommended to her husband. Here's where the explanation I've given can lose steam, as the wife gets flustered and the husband gets suspicious. With a written estimate and corresponding heads-up promos to give her husband to look over (and of course the roles of husband and wife could be switched around here), the chances of a positive reaction are greatly improved upon. Having the promos to help with the second-hand explanation can make the difference between getting a call from the wife saying "Larry doesn't think we need to have the work done," to "Larry wants to go ahead with the entire proposal! When can we book the work?"

Another specific situation in which the promos can make a huge difference is when a decision about whether or not to invest in repairing / restoring a piano is made by a committee, such as the finance committee of a church. The method that I have found extremely effective is to email a set of full-length promos to the head of the committee prior to the scheduled meeting, so that he may forward them to all the committee members for their inspection and consideration. Then, when the committee convenes, the discussion over the proposal is likely to be much more positive than when the members are finding out about the idea for the first time.

Q: What if the tools or methods I use for a specific repair aren't the same as what's described in a promo?

A: It's in fact very likely that in some cases the methods or tools you use in your own shop won't line up with the descriptions given in certain promos. (If you've ever been to a meeting of technicians, you know that with any given repair, opinions will vary as to the best methods or tools to use.) However, keep in mind that the purpose of the promos is simply to give the customer enough of a background about the repair needed so that he / she feels confident in having the work done. If you choose to explain the differences between the described procedures and your individual techniques, by all means do so. 

One important point is that I tend to use simple tools and basic procedures in the promos - no overly-sophisticated tools or methods are featured. If there's a difference, it probably is in your favor to describe the more advanced tools or methods that you use in comparison to the descriptions given in the promos. If things were the other way around, and my tools and procedures were cutting edge, while yours weren't, it might make for a difficult conversation with your customer ("Well, actually, the tools I use aren't as good as what are shown in this article, but I make do with what I have!") Much better to be able to say, "The tools in these pictures are simpler than what we have in our shop - what we have is more state-of-the-art than what you see here."

Will I be able to edit the content of the promos I purchase?

No. The security controls are set when the PDF's are produced to allow high-resolution copying, but not to allow editing of any kind. 

What if I need to have the contact information of my promos changed - new phone numbers or email address for example - will I have to pay full price to have my promos redone?

We store all our customer's files, and will redo PDF's for a charge of $1 per PDF up to a maximum charge of $99 for an entire collection of promo PDF's.

What if I buy a few individual promos from the On-Line Store, and then later on decide to purchase a collection of promos which contains the individual promos I already purchased?

Go ahead with your purchase of the collection, then drop us a note on the Contact Us Page notifying us of your previous purchase and we will send a check for a full refund on the original purchase amount.