Is it trash, or is it a treasure?

With old pianos, often the answer lies in the eye of the beholder. What may look like trash on the surface may turn out to be a real treasure.

To develop your "eye" for the hidden treasure of older pianos, try this: Click on the first photo in the collection of images below. This is the 'before' shot of a piano brought to our shop. Often, these pianos look quite sad at this point, having been neglected for decades. Now, before advancing to the next photo, try (in your mind's eye) to imagine the piano in the picture as it would have looked new. When you think you have it, click the advance button. Were you close?  Repeat with each set of photos, and you'll find that your eye for the possibilities begins to develop.

Older pianos are often unappreciated simply because they look bad. Seeing past the ravages of time takes a practiced eye, for one needs to look beneath the surface for the beauty which remains within and is only waiting to be brought back again.