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Have you ever called a customer to confirm a scheduled tuning, only to have the customer put off the service because they "didn't think the piano was out of tune."? Upon questioning, the customer admits that they can't really tell when a piano needs tuning. They'll say something like, "It all sounds the same to me!" 

Wouldn't it be great to be able to give them a way to verify that their piano does (most likely) need tuning? Well, here's what I email to my customers in this type of situation (click here) and it works wonders. Numerous times, I've sent this to a reluctant customer, only to have them call back in a short time to reschedule a tuning.

I would like to send you your own personalized copy of this helpful article! Just fill out and submit the brief form below, then make any purchase at the on-line store (even a single $6 PDF) in the months of June or July, and you'll receive your complimentary copy (with your own contact information, of course), ready to email to your customers, or to print off to hand out. Just be sure to submit your order soon! 

Best wishes for a busy summer season!!   

                                                                                       Chuck Behm

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