To clarify -

Promos are available in long (full-length) and short (heads-up) versions. The more important topics (such as "Repinning and Restringing") are available in both the full-length and heads-up versions, while minor topics (such as "Polishing Capstans") are available only in the heads-up version. 

Full-length versions are typically 6 - 7 pages and length, and ordinarily are illustrated with 9 - 12 color photographs. These are great for giving to the customer who likes to dig into the details and become well-informed on a repair topic before making a decision. Full-length promos may be printed, of course, but they are ideal for emailing directly to the customer who is considering investing in upgrading their piano with repairs that you are recommending. Full-length newsletters are well-suited for sending out as an attachment to a general mailing to an entire group of customers, or for including on a website in a section featuring available services.

Heads-up versions are always 1 page in length, covering the topic briefly and illustrated with 3 or 4 color photographs. These are intended for the customer who wants his information to the point. The heads-up promos are particularly useful when grouped together a number of repair topics to be presented to a customer with a detailed estimate. 

Having a library of both heads-up and full-length versions of important repair topics on hand makes a powerful tool for bringing in more business your way. 

Keep the customer satisfied!